Simpson shaving brush pure badger Islington Faux Grey Italian Marble - Small

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Simpson shaving brush pure badger Islington Faux Grey Italian Marble S

The Islington shaving brush, a high-quality product from the renowned Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 line, is an innovation that stands out for its uniqueness. Available in two sizes, this shaving brush is an indispensable accessory for your traditional shaving routine.

The handle of this brush, turned and crafted with skill, is filled with exclusive platinum grade synthetic fiber. Its decoration, reminiscent of marble veins, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

The Islington brush hair has a dark and silvery appearance, a distinctive sign that identifies it as a superior quality product. Its purity is such that it surpasses the average of shaving brushes available on the market.

Thanks to its practical format, this shaving brush is the ideal accessory to take with you on your travels.

Brush dimensions:

  • Overall brush height – 94mm
  • Handle height – 45mm
  • Knot height – 49mm
  • Knot diameter – 21mm

The perfect care of a Simpson shaving brush (although it actually applies to most shaving brushes):

Brush preparation
The Simpson shaving brush should be soaked in warm water a few minutes before shaving, to allow the bristles to soften and retain heat. The correct water temperature should be one that allows you to immerse your hand without burning it excessively. Too much heat could irreversibly damage the hair.

Application of shaving soap
Simpson advises against applying the soap to the face through circular movements. This operation potentially makes the hair structurally more fragile towards the base of the same.

Final cleaning of your Simpson Shaving Brush
This is the most “critical” phase for all brushes. It is necessary to ensure that all soap residues are removed from the knot, rinsing it with warm and clean water. Then gently squeeze the base of the knot to assess if it is completely free of residues and finally, stroke the bristles on a soft cloth. Leave the hair to dry completely on the stand (if available) or in a ventilated area (such as near an open window). Allow the brush to dry completely between uses to avoid mold formations that could damage the hair. A correct drying cycle could require up to 48 hours, for this reason, the purchase of a second Simpson shaving brush is highly recommended.

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