Double Edge Razors

Ever since King C Gillette invented the double edge razor, it has revolutionised the way men have been shaving. The double edge razor became popular as the safety razor as it does not need the finesse and skills needed to use the cut-throat (straight razors). Now, more than 100 years after, the double edge razor blades are seeing a major comeback as the more sustainable and environmentally friendly options to using plastic cartridge blades and razors.

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Manufactured with precision and high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminium, the double edge safety razor is a pride possession for personal grooming. It comes with gift kits, including brushes, creams, and more.

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Whether you are an individual looking for your own set of high-quality double edge safety razors or a professional looking for shaving supplies, you’ll find the most extensive collection of these ultimate men’s grooming tools at competitive prices at the Shaving Market.

Expert’s advice is to use single edge blades to avoid cuts, irritation, ingrown hairs and bumps, and safety razors have surged back into popularity. Using a safety razor gives a neat and close shave with multiple options for disposable double edge razor blades.

At Shaving Market, we endeavour to provide top-shelf products from world-class brands with the convenient and easy buying option.

If you are an individual looking to buy your first sustainable safety razor in Australia, you’ll be spoilt for choice from our wide range.

We have in stock the following:

  1. Merkur range of safety razors in Australia in chrome (satin and matte), Bakelite, and gilded (gold plated handles) with different gripper designs and lengths. Travelling kit with a leather pouch and shaving brush is also available.
  2. Shaving factory double edge safety razors in beautiful packaging.
  3. Parker safety razors in multiple designs.
  4. Muhle traditional closed comb safety razor in rose gold finish.
  5. The Old School Beginners Shaving Quality Gift Set – an ideal kit to intiate a beginner to wet shaving. Comes with shaving brush, soap, safety double edge razor and soap stick.

Get your hands on top-class double edge razors, and start your wet shaving adventures towards the ultimate clean-shaven look, at affordable prices and with convenient shopping options.