Astra Razor Blades

The clean-shaven look will always be in style as the preferred look by professionals of a certain industry and a personal choice of grooming for many men. The resurgence of the sustainable and eco-friendly safety razor has brought back renewed interest in double edge safety razor blades.

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Most double-edged razor blades are similar in design and fit perfectly well with the available branded safety razors. However, each brand of double edge razor blades has something different to offer. The level of sharpness and coating over the blades make each brand stand out for its performance.

The Astra razor blades are rated high for its sharpness and ability to give a clean, close shave without punishing much for little mistakes. Using a safety razor requires some skills to be honed. The Astra razor blades are made by Gillette for its European market and perfectly suits Australians.

At Shaving Market, you can find the best of Astra razor blades, both platinum coated and super stainless steel varieties, at greatly discounted prices. If you are a barbershop interested in receiving regular barber supplies of Astra razor blades, then all you have to do is sign up and create a schedule. We ship all across Australia quickly and efficiently.

If you are someone trying out the Astra razor blades for the first time, here is a general review of the product to help you make a choice.

Not as sharp as the Japanese Feather (considered as the sharpest double-edged razor blade). The Astra razor blades are rated at medium to high sharpness levels. However, it is important to note that the sharpest blades require a level of finesse and skills that can be honed only over a period. And not all beard hair types warrant the sharpest blade.

The Astra razor blade’s pros include:

  • Versatility
  • The sharpness is best suited for thick beards with coarse hair to get a close shave
  • Forgiving with shaving mistakes won’t leave you with nicks and cuts that easily, but certain skills are definitely needed.
  • Premium quality that will give you a close, comfortable and smooth performance.
  • Platinum coated premium blades help to achieve the smooth experience

You can get the Astra razor blade at the Shaving Market in a pack of 5 blades and are designed to fit all Double Edge / Safety Razors (Shaving Factory, Merkur, Wilkinson, Edwin Jagger, Muhle etc.).

As a Gillette Brand with a premium platinum coating, the Astra razor blade is a great option for getting the smoothest sharp blades performance for a fraction of the price of costlier cartridges.

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