Derby is probably one of the most well-known brands in the razor blades industry.  They are manufactured in Turkey by Azmusebat company and have been around for quite a long time.  They are known for their comfortability and durability which is a favorable especially by home users rather than their sharpness. The most well-known blades for Derby are without a doubt the Derby Extra double edge blades 100 pack and Derby Professional single edge blades 100 pack. However, there are other blades which were introduced in the market recently and gradually gaining popularity. These are the Derby premium double edge and single edge blades both 100 packs as well as Derby Extra double edge blades 200 pack (in blue packaging).  The main difference of Derby premiums compared to the regular Derby extra blades is that the Premiums are made of Swedish Steel which makes them somewhat sharper than the regular extra blades. These blades are a bit thinner and flexible due to nature of the steel used. On the other hand, The Derby extra 200 packs in blue are same size package with regular Extra blades in Green pack but it contains 200 blades in same size package. That's why they are more cost effective due to their lower shipping cost. Finally, there is the Derby Extra 100 pack of blades in new packaging. This new packaging is much smaller compared to the regular Derby extra’s the reason being the package does not contain the small packs of plastic 5 blades. This new package only contains 100 pcs. of blades that are wrapped in paper which saves quite a bit of space. Actually the package looks like the persona 100 blades packaging However there is a plus for this new package which is the hole above the package for hanging the package. That is about all the recent developments on Derby blades and their packages. Hopefully this article makes it more clear any confusions due to number of different variety of blades and packaging.


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