It was January 2016.
An e-mail with a product inquiry made me fly to Johannesburg. 12 hours of flight.

It was my first visit to S.A. in my life. Enjoyed it.
After 48 hours spent there, it was not the lions that I saw. Only barber shops.

I particularly noticed two categories of barber shops:

– premium barber shops which look more like a club for men, than just a barber shop

– growing number of standard barber shops being opened by new-comers particularly from the Arab countries.
“Wow” I said, “Man, there is potential for barber supply business here”
It really is. 
I observed that there was a great increase in the new shop openings. And still, supply issues were still left unsolved.

Country is the centre of sub-Saharan continent and all the neighbouring markets look into what’s going on in South Africa. Therefore you are successful in S.A., you can be successful in half of Africa.

Are there challenges? Yes. But where aren’t?

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